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6. What is involved in collecting data – six steps to success,Introduction to Data Science

· You can use basemaps from online or offline sources, like Google Street View, satellite imagery, and OpenStreetMap, and custom map servers or your own offline map packages. You can also plot your form entries on maps that contain the .

 · QuickTapSurvey is one of the most popular mobile survey and data collection software solutions specially designed to help businesses create and customize surveys and data gathering campaigns in minutes. This is a perfect application for those who want to generate surveys and collect answers offline with the help of iPad and Android tablets. In other words, QuickTapSurvey is a .

Graduates from BU’s online Data Analytics program will have a grounding not only in theory, but practical action. The MSCI focuses on data mining, analysis, and visualization, preparing students for the big data field and arming them on the job market with the Boston University name, a major value in itself. Degree Title: MS in Computer Information Systems/Concentration in Data Analytics.

You need a random names database? You can generate one with Random Name Generator. You need a random strings or letters? You can generate them with Random String Generator. Do you need more data? Welcome to Online test data generator Here you can generate up to combinations of data formats and information and export up to , records.

You can use weights, nullable fields and more options to generate test data. Choose how many rows do you want to generate.

What is Online Data Generator? Why use Online Data Generator? In some cases, although it is not required, it is preferable to use pre-determined categories such as those developed by Statistics Canada.

There are certain benefits to this approach. Organizations can be confident that the 12 racial groups used by Statistics Canada will represent how the majority of Canadians racially classify themselves. In addition, use of these categories is most likely to produce reliable and valid results and enable researchers to directly compare the results of their studies to Census data collected by Statistics Canada.

Another limitation is that Statistics Canada does not produce Census data on all grounds for example, on sexual orientation. Organizations may ultimately choose the categories that best reflect where the organization is at in terms of achieving its human rights, equity and diversity goals.

In the context of human rights, social-science researchers [30] are commonly asked to lead or help with data collection projects. Two types of data are used in social science research: A good research effort involves the use of both types.

Both approaches, while distinct, can overlap and rely on the other to produce meaningful data, analysis and results. A restaurant chain wants to improve service and access to customers with disabilities. Management decides to collect qualitative information using focus groups consisting of a range of stakeholders, including customers and representatives of organizations from the disability community.

Did the respondent understand the term "human rights grievance"? Has the respondent had experience filing a grievance with the union? Does the respondent like unions generally? A comparison between these figures and gap data from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada HRSDC shows that, while there is an overrepresentation of women in the ranks of cleaners, there is no gap for women in the ranks of supervisors.

Nationally, so few women are Custodial Services supervisors that there is a statistically insignificant availability, giving rise to the conclusion that there is no numerical gap with respect to women supervisors. This conclusion, however, does not make sense since the organization knows that the The organization decides to ignore the HRSDC data and apply common sense by setting up career advancement mentoring and other policies and programs to increase the number of female supervisors in its workforce.

Qualitative and quantitative data are generally gathered from more than one source. Where possible, two or more of the following sources should be used together to strengthen reliability and consistency in results. Pre-existing or official data is information that has already been documented e. This data may contain information that directly relates to specific Code grounds like race, but more commonly will relate only indirectly for example, in the form of names, place of origin or ethnicity.

This type of information could be used as proxies or stand-ins for race, but would be less reliable than actually having self-reported racial data. Outcomes of workplace recruitment, hiring, promotions and terminations can be recorded, as can events such as interventions by security guards and customer complaints.

When recording these events, relevant Code ground and non- Code classifications could also be included. This data could then be examined for trends over time to show whether discrimination or systemic barriers exist, may exist or do not exist. Survey research is a broad area and generally includes any measurement procedures that involve asking respondents questions. A "survey" can range from a short paper-and-pencil questionnaire to an in-depth one-on-one interview interviews will be discussed further below.

In designing a survey, it is important to consider the specific characteristics of the respondents, to make sure that the questions are relevant, clear, accessible and easy to understand.

Some practical considerations to keep in mind are whether the respondents can read, have language or cultural barriers, have disabilities, and can be easily reached. A transgender employee may self-identify as female but a third party may identify her as male. The data can be recorded in a wide variety of ways including written notes, audio recording and video recording.

In focus groups, the interviewer facilitates the session. A select group of people are brought together, asked questions, encouraged to listen to each other's comments, and have their answers recorded.

The same set of questions may be used for a number of different groups, each of which is constituted slightly differently, and for a range of purposes. Focus groups may be facilitated by professionals, but this is not always needed.

The decision to hire a professional facilitator may depend on the goals of the focus group research, the nature of the questions asked, the skills and experience of staff taking part, and the need for confidentiality or anonymity. Or, it may be of greater value to organize a group that includes people representing all key internal and external stakeholders, to allow for contrasting ideas to be expressed and discussed.

In some cases, this may not be possible without setting up separate focus groups or hiring a professional facilitator who is not connected to the organization.

Typically, interviews involve a set of standard questions being asked of all respondents, on a one-on-one basis, so that accurate trends and gaps can be drawn from the data. Interviews are commonly conducted face-to-face, but for more rapid results, can also be done over the telephone, or, as technology advances, through video-conferencing and other means. Trained staff or external experts can gather data by identifying and recording the characteristics and behaviour of research subjects through observation, either within or outside of an organization.

Observed data can include information gathered using all of the senses available to the researcher, including sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. A human rights organization that offers a mediation service hires a mediation expert to observe mediators and service users and provide feedback about any issues of concern related to human rights.

To minimize potential stress and anxiety experienced by the people being observed, staff and service users are informed in advance of the purpose and goals of the exercise. Staff is advised that the observed data gathered will only be used for research purposes and not shared with their managers. The expert maintains access to the data, and the results are reported on an aggregated and summarized basis to prevent individuals from being identified.

Hiring experts, while potentially expensive, can add validity and credibility to research analysis because they are often perceived as having no vested interest in the research results.

Information gathered using observation techniques differs from interviewing, because the observer does not actively ask the respondent questions.

Observed data can include everything from field research, where someone lives in another context or culture for a period of time participant observation , to photographs that show the interaction between service providers and service users direct observation.

The data can be recorded in many of the same ways as interviews taking notes, audio, video and through pictures, photos or drawings. Each source of data used to collect information has its strengths and weaknesses. Some of the more common potential strengths and weaknesses identified above have been highlighted.

Analyzing data from multiple perspectives and relying on data from different sources can strengthen the conclusions drawn from research. Data can be collected and analyzed on a short-term or project basis in response to situations or needs that arise from time to time. A short-term data collection project would include a start and a finish date, with set deliverables to be carried out over a certain period of time.

The best practice is to collect data on an ongoing, permanent basis, and to analyze this data as often as is needed to identify, address and monitor barriers to Code -protected persons or other persons based on non- Code grounds. Data collected in a time-limited study may be less complete than data collected through ongoing monitoring. This is because short-term studies do not allow for the assessment of trends, patterns or changes over time.

However, where costs, time and resources are a factor, short-term studies may be the preferred choice to fulfil a need and project goals. Other factors may also influence the reliability of the data. For example, people may modify behaviour while under scrutiny during the data collection period. When planning on how best to collect data in Step 4, it is important to be aware of the practical considerations and best practices for addressing logistical challenges organizations often face at this stage of the process.

Implementing a data collection plan requires attention to matters such as:. Step 5 involves analyzing and interpreting the data collected.

Explaining the technical steps involved in analyzing and interpreting data is beyond the scope of this guide. An organization will have to determine whether it has the internal capacity and expertise to analyze and interpret data itself, or whether it will need the help of an external consultant. T… 0 Antworten Mehr. Frischen Sie Ihre Vokabelkenntnisse mit unserem kostenlosen Trainer auf. Beliebte Suchbegriffe to englisch perseverance deutsch commitment Termin approach aktuell.

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This online tool is less about data analysis and more about helping people find information or spreadsheets saved on computers throughout an organization. Panda Project was initially designed for newsrooms, but any company that needs to share data easily between members of its staff can benefit. You’ll never spend hours searching for information saved on a co-worker’s hard drive ever again. Fusion Tables is a web application for visualizing data that allows users to share data sets and combine them together to build data visualization online. The application is still experimental and its API has released V2. It allows users to easily create data visuals and publish them online instantly with provided subsets and an easy format similar to online files. Fusion Tables supports the ability to work through . Data Gathering Tools | Learning Space Toolkit.

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Now is the time to pursue a career in Big Data. Whatever you call it — data analytics, business analytics, and business intelligence are just a few of the names — Big Data is the next wave of technology. More information is being recorded today than ever in history, between business, government, healthcare, and education, and while computers do the heavy lifting, it still takes highly skilled, rigorously trained human beings to program those computers, run the numbers, analyze outputs, and visualize and communicate the information.

And there are not nearly enough people to do that work, meaning a major labor shortage and a prime opportunity to get into an in-demand profession. In the two years since the first Value College Big Data ranking — one of the first of its kind — Big Data in higher education has blown up. There are nearly twice as many Big Data-focused online degrees being offered as there were in Value Colleges considers only regionally-accredited, reputable colleges and universities with a proven track record of job market value and effective skills training.

We rank degree programs by three metrics:. Are you more interested in attending an on-campus data graduate program? Georgia Tech was founded to bring elite polytechnic learning to the rising South, and it accomplished its goal and then some, growing into one of the most prestigious STEM research and teaching institutions in the nation.

Graduates step out into a job market that rivals Silicon Valley, making Georgia Tech the best Big Data investment of Founded in , Fairfield University is a private Catholic institution and part of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Designed along the Jesuit principles of academic rigor and ethical responsibility, Fairfield has built a reputation for excellence, with research centers like the Center for Faith and Public Life and the Center for Microfinance emphasizing social engagement and service.

The Dolan School of Business, in particular, has regularly been ranked among the best business schools by U. The credit program focuses on business intelligence and database management, and an interdisciplinary faculty brings together the best aspects of mathematics, computer science, and business. The flagship of the University of Illinois System, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a land-grant, public research university founded in The purpose of the Morrill Land-Grant Act was to establish public universities focused on agriculture and mechanical science, along with a base in the liberal arts, and like many other land-grant institutions, U of I built on this foundation to create a leading STEM research and learning center.

Drawing on the most current computing technology, the MCS-DS focuses on areas like data mining, machine learning, and cloud computing, preparing students for a flexible and adaptable skill set that can take them into a wide variety of industries. La Salle University was founded in by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a Catholic religious order dedicated to education.

Though the school developed a strong reputation in the region, it faced bankruptcy and closure twice in the 20th century — first because of the Great Depression, and then when WWII almost completely emptied it of students as an all-male school, most enlisted to fight.

The college began accepting women in , and by had grown to university status; in the 21st century, La Salle has made leaps in the rankings, reaching the top 35 among regional institutions in the North, and gaining national attention as a best value and major force for social mobility for low-income students.

La Salle uses an accelerated 8-week course schedule that allows students to concentrate on one course at a time, getting a deep and detailed immersion in each subject, and still complete the program in two years or less. With its Jesuit heritage, La Salle puts a priority on ethical responsibility, as well as ethical leadership and collaboration.

Frequently ranked as one of the top 20 regional universities in the Northeast by U. That donation funded the establishment of a college and a hospital, and in the century and a half since its auspicious beginnings, Johns Hopkins University has been best known as a world leader in medical research and treatment.

However, medicine is only part of the Johns Hopkins story; other programs, like the Carey School of Business and the Whiting School of Engineering, are ranked among the best schools in their fields worldwide; the university itself ranks 11 nationally, according to U.

The Johns Hopkins online MS in Data Science , from the Whiting School of Engineering, is a fully online program dedicated to bringing theory and practice together for real-world applications. Steeped in engineering, the Data Science program is highly technical, giving students a deep, thorough grounding in the technology of applied mathematics, statistics, and computing, all taught by experienced experts in some of the most advanced laboratories in the world.

The 1 public university in the nation tied with the UC System flagship, Berkeley , the University of California, Los Angeles was founded in , but dates back to and the State Normal School at Los Angeles, a teacher training program. With the explosive growth of Southern California, the normal school became a state university in , and began a century of expansion and development that has made it one of the largest universities in the US, as well as one of the most acclaimed. A productive and influential research university, UCLA is well known for the Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which, among many other accomplishments, is heralded as the birthplace of the internet, having sent the first computer message to Stanford University in Students develop the skills necessary to build big data systems, from data-mining to analysis and personalization, that can be used for practical purposes by industry, government, and science.

The program is expected to take two years and a quarter, and no more than three years. An online Data Science Engineering degree from one of the pioneers of computer science is a value in itself. The City University of New York — the largest urban university in the US — was founded in an unusual way, and is built on an unusual structure.

Today, CUNY is composed of 24 individual institutions, ranging from community colleges to graduate and professional schools, each semi-independent but held together under the same umbrella.

Ranked nationally as one of the top programs in the field, the online MS in Data Science is built on experiential learning, using a programming bootcamp-inspired format that provides students with hands-on projects that end in marketable work samples. This cutting-edge program is focused not only on the technology, but on presenting work and reviewing the work of colleagues — necessary soft skills for the workplace. Founded in as a rebuke and safe haven against anti-semitism in higher education, Brandeis University has made its commitment to acceptance and public good into a world-wide reputation.

Ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the nation by U. The Brandeis online program brings together computer science and business expertise, with courses in statistics, data analysis, and visualization, alongside courses in management and professional communication. Graduates from the Brandeis online program will be primed for both sides of Big Data — the technology, and the business.

Merrimack College is a private Catholic college founded in by the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, a group of Augustinian friars.

Merrimack was founded by the special request of the Archbishop of Boston, intending the new college to help meet the large increase in demand for higher education from returning WWII veterans using the GI Bill to return to civilian life. The new college was dedicated to providing educational opportunity for the Merrimack Valley region, the industrial area along the Merrimack River that also serves as a suburb of Boston.

Merrimack has long been listed among the top regional institutions in the North by U. There are two fully online Big Data degree programs from Merrimack College: Both are focused on the needs of working professionals seeking to add a valuable credential to their career, or enter a whole new career field. These programs help students build knowledge in using technology to make better decisions in a business situation, from data modeling to visualization and analyzation.

Students learn to turn information into usable results, and the online MS degrees from Merrimack College help working professionals turn an online degree into a successful career in Big Data. However, it was in Boston that the small seminary became a world-class, top-tier research university. Students interested in a Big Data career will find the concentration in Data Analytics offers all of the knowledge and skills necessary to enter any field that needs data structured and analyzed.

The MSCI focuses on data mining, analysis, and visualization, preparing students for the big data field and arming them on the job market with the Boston University name, a major value in itself. Elmhurst has long been ranked in the top 10 Midwestern colleges by U. The Elmhurst online MSDS fuses theory and practice, using hands-on, experiential practice with standard and emerging data technologies to help students learn to apply the knowledge they learn to actual, real-world situations.

The online MS is available only part-time, but even on a part-time schedule online students can finish in two years; working professionals in the field can also obtain a Data Science graduate certificate online. Students learn to use the technology to make realistic predictions so businesses can make informed and profitable decisions. One of the original Public Ivies a public university with the reputation of the Ivy League , the University of California, Berkeley is the flagship of the world-renowned UC system, one of the top public university systems in the world.

Berkeley as it stands now was founded in , when the private College of California merged with the public Agricultural, Mining and Mechanical Arts College. Berkeley is currently tied for the U. Online education is a big deal in the Midwest, where states are large, populations are spread out and rural, and not everyone can make it to campus. All of the UW system institutions contribute their expertise and faculty to the UW-Extension online MS in Data Science online degree program, ensuring that Wisconsin students get the very best education in big data collection and analysis, with a recognized brand for the job market.

Innovative thinking like this makes the University of Wisconsin system a smart investment in Wisconsin or anywhere else — tuition is the same for all students, in-state or out! A top-tier private research university with the highest Carnegie Classification, Northeastern University dates back to evening classes offered at the YMCA in , a common educational track around the turn of the century.

The university started with a law school led by professors from Harvard and Boston University, and became a pioneer with Automobile Engineering, then the School of Commerce and Finance.

Northeastern is highly entrepreneurial, and best known for its cooperative education programs, in which students alternate conventional classroom education with experiential learning in real workplaces. Northeastern is regularly ranked one of the best private research institutions in the world. The Northeastern online Master of Professional Studies in Analytics is designed to give students a full understanding of the data process from beginning to end, from the technology itself, to collection and organization, to putting data to real-world use.

Students come out of the program with adaptable skills that can be applied to every field from government and nonprofit to industry. Students also finish with a marketable portfolio of work that demonstrates their ability to solve real-world problems with a variety of tools. Total Cost of Program: Master of Professional Studies in Analytics.

USC is one of the largest and most productive private research institutions in the nation, as well as one of the wealthiest; USC boasts the fourth highest number of billionaire alumni in the US. USC is a top U. The USC online program focuses on the technology, giving students the fundamentals of computing skills needed for gathering, managing, and communicating Big Data; students are also prepared for making practical use of information, from population statistics to energy and environment.

Villanova University, a private, Catholic institution, was founded in by the Order of St. Augustine the same order that founded Merrimack College, With its deep roots in the life and culture of Philadelphia, Villanova is one of the most prestigious academic and professional institutions in the North, with the School of Business named the best undergraduate business program in the US by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Villanova has recently made the leap from U. The Villanova online MS in Analytics degree can be completed in less than two years from a credit program offered by the respected Villanova School of Business.

The online MSA is equally well-suited to engineering or computer science degree-holders as it is for business undergraduates and working professionals, providing a full foundation in the technology, as well as in the art of making secure, well-informed business decisions.

Designed around the land-grant model, Virginia Tech was originally Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College, but that foundation set the stage for development into a polytechnic institute by The grounding in agriculture and mechanics made Virginia Tech an ideal ground for biotechnology and engineering, and the College of Engineering has been a national leader since Virginia Tech is regularly ranked in the top 25 public universities by U.

The Virginia Tech online Master of Information Technology degree program is a cutting-edge program based on a module format rather than traditional courses. Students work through competencies in areas like Health Information Systems, Software Development, and Business Information Systems, with a strong grounding in both technology and management.

The program is designed in collaboration between the College of Engineering and the Pamplin College of Business, both recognized as some of the top schools in their fields. Ranked 2 in the nation by U. A small, private liberal arts university in Connecticut, Quinnipiac University was built on business, founded in by business professor Samuel Tator when Northeastern University closed their regional program in New Haven, CT due to the Great Depression.

First just a junior college of commerce, Quinnipiac grew quickly throughout the 20th century, earning a strong regional reputation for business and law.

Students will learn the full scope of Big Data, from collection to interpretation, and practice using those insights to make reasoned, evidence-based decisions about common and uncommon business problems. An affordable degree from one of the leading names in online education, and one of the pioneering names in analysis, makes for one of the best values anywhere.

Carnegie Mellon University, a highly influential, private research institution, was founded in from the merger of two previous schools: Over the rest of the 20th century, and into the 21st, Carnegie Mellon has proven the equal of any institute or research university in its class. Carnegie Mellon regularly appears in the highest ranks of national universities, consistently making U.

Carnegie Mellon has added to its reach and reputation by offering strong online programs, such as the MS in Information Technology degree.

Carnegie Mellon uses an unusual method of measuring coursework; the MSIT is measured in units, the equivalent of 12 traditional credits. Students must have at least 3 years of professional experience to apply.